Top Gun (1986)

Top Gun (1986) is a hip, heart-pounding combination of action, music and incredible aerial photography helped make it the blockbuster hit of 1986. Top Gun takes a look at the … Continue Reading →

Into the Sun (1992)

Into the Sun (1992). An Air Force ace jet pilot (Michael Paré) is ordered to train a Hollywood actor (Anthony Michael Hall) for his new film role. The two are … Continue Reading →

Interceptor (1992)

Interceptor (1992). An Air Force maverick (Andrew Divoff) saves a major (Elizabeth Morehead) and her cargo plane from a terrorist hijacker (Jürgen Prochnow) of Stealth fighters.  

Hot Shots (1991)

Hot Shots (1991). Recruited to join a top-secret mission, a renegade pilot (Sheen) finds himself coping with an incompetent admiral and a carefully-selected squadron of flyers who are either inept … Continue Reading →

Iron Eagle on the Attack (1995)

Iron Eagle on the Attack (1995). Retired from the Air Force, Chappy Sinclair now runs a private flight school that happens to cater to misfits and juvenile offenders. During training, … Continue Reading →

Iron Eagle II (1988)

Iron Eagle II (1988). When an outlaw nation takes the world hostage, America’s oldest enemy becomes her newest ally. Oscar-winner Louis Gossett, Jr. is back in the skies with a … Continue Reading →

Iron Eagle (1986)

Iron Eagle (1986) is the original and most memorable installment of the four part franchise, showcasing heart pounding aerial action sequences driven by an unrelenting soundtrack featuring music from Queen, … Continue Reading →

Fire Birds (1990)

Fire Birds (1990) is about an Apache task force that is sent on a secret mission to Latin America. Infiltrating hostile territory to do combat with an international enemy, they are … Continue Reading →

The Final Countdown (1980)

The Final Countdown (1980) is about a freak electrical storm that transports the USS Nimitz, back to December 6, 1941, in time to head off the Japanese attack on Pearl … Continue Reading →