D.A.R.Y.L. (1985)

D.A.R.Y.L. (1985) He can perform advanced mathematics, master complex video games, and hit home runs in his very first baseball game. Very special… A child in jeopardy, too, because the … Continue Reading →

Afterburn (1992)

Afterburn (1992) is based on a true story, of one woman who takes on the U.S. military and General Dynamics; maker of the F-16, thought to be the very best … Continue Reading →

Aces: Iron Eagle III (1992)

Aces: Iron Eagle III (1992). Colonel Charles Chappy Sinclair teams with three retired maverick fighter jocks from England, Germany and Japan as they fly souped-up World War II airplanes to … Continue Reading →

Red Flag: The Ultimate Game (1981)

Red Flag: The Ultimate Game (1981). In peace time only elaborate war games can alert the military to their battle readiness. When Major Jay Rivers and his longtime rival major Phil … Continue Reading →