terrell_flyin_0912_06[1]We all think airplanes are fascinating. They are fast, sexy, sometimes ugly, and overall remarkable machines. It is not surprising then that film makers have spent a great deal of effort and money trying to capture those aspects of these aircraft, and those that fly them, in order to put them to film.

Airforcemovies.com is a site with an ever growing list of movies, documentaries and videos that pertain to military aviation and flying machines in general. Notwithstanding the domain name, the site will contain flight-related content from all the armed services, regardless of country, to include civilian aviation as well.

The films are listed within their general era, and are in alphabetical order. There is no rating included within these lists, other than the ones you will find by following the links provided to where they reside at the source. The reviews I am using are taken from Amazon, iTunes or Google Play unless otherwise stated.

Simply click on one of the menus above to start browsing. This is a great place to find both popular features and obscure films that may be hard to find. You’ll like see many that you were not aware of. If there is a specific title that you are searching for, you can press Ctrl F (on a PC) or Command F (on a MAC) on each page. Otherwise, use the search box that is at the top right of every page which will search the entire site regardless of where the film may reside.

Feel free to contact us at info@airforcemovies.com or leave a comment below.

Happy hunting!


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