Wings of the Navy (1939)

Wings of the Navy (1939). Two brothers (George Brent, John Payne) train as Navy pilots, go to Honolulu and romance the same girl (Olivia de Havilland). With war clouds gathering in Europe, … Continue Reading →

Wild in the Sky (1972)

Wild in the Sky (1972). Action/comedy adventure that follows a group of anti-war, anti-establishment guerrillas, who come up with a scheme to destroy Fort Knox by stealing a B52 with  an atom … Continue Reading →

West Point of the Air (1935)

West Point of the Air (1935). Sgt. “Big Mike” Stone (Wallace Beery), a decorated veteran now serving as an instructor at an Army Air Corps flying school, presides over the budding … Continue Reading →

Toward the Unknown (1956)

Toward the Unknown (1956). A POW in Korea, Major Bond returns to active service as a test pilot at Edwards Air Force Base. Determined to clear his name, Bond battles his commander, prejudiced … Continue Reading →

Thundering Jets (1958)

Thundering Jets (1958). Captain Steve Morley (Rex Reason) must evaluate how the men under his command react to pressure and stress at high altitudes in the latest jet fighters, with the … Continue Reading →

Test Pilot (1938)

Test Pilot (1938). Test pilot Jim Lane has endangered himself more than once because of his drinking. Despite efforts by his best friend, Gunner, Jim has not quit the bottle. After … Continue Reading →

Task Force (1949)

Task Force (1949). Adm. Scott has spent his entire naval career touting the value of aircraft carriers. When an encounter with a diplomat turns ugly, Scott is demoted to pushing papers … Continue Reading →

Steal the Sky (1988)

Steal the Sky (1988). An Israeli agent entices an Iraqi jet pilot to defect with his MIG fighter. Loosely based on the defection of an Iraqi Mig-21, flown to Israel in 1966.   

The Right Stuff (1983)

The Right Stuff (1983). Winner of four Academy Awards for its technical achievements, and nominated for Best Picture, Tom Wolfe’s bestseller appeared on almost every “Top Ten” Best Picture list for … Continue Reading →

Power Dive (1941)

Power Dive (1941). Richard Arlen, Jean Parker, Roger Pryor, Don Castle. Arlen plays a tough test pilot in this solid B action film. He and his brother develop a new secret … Continue Reading →