Steal the Sky (1988)

Steal the Sky (1988). An Israeli agent entices an Iraqi jet pilot to defect with his MIG fighter. Loosely based on the defection of an Iraqi Mig-21, flown to Israel in 1966.   

The Right Stuff (1983)

The Right Stuff (1983). Winner of four Academy Awards for its technical achievements, and nominated for Best Picture, Tom Wolfe’s bestseller appeared on almost every “Top Ten” Best Picture list for … Continue Reading →

Power Dive (1941)

Power Dive (1941). Richard Arlen, Jean Parker, Roger Pryor, Don Castle. Arlen plays a tough test pilot in this solid B action film. He and his brother develop a new secret … Continue Reading →

Men With Wings (1938)

Men With Wings (1938). Men with Wings stars Fred MacMurray, Ray Milland and Louise Campbell as three adults tied together by their childhood dreams of flying. After growing up together, Pat … Continue Reading →

Keep ’em Flying (1941)

Keep ’em Flying (1941). Two carnival stooges (Bud Abbott, Lou Costello) join a stunt pilot in Army flight school and meet twin sisters (Martha Raye).  

I Wanted Wings (1941)

I Wanted Wings (1941). Three disparate young men struggle to become Army Air Corps pilots in this rousing drama that earned an Oscar for its excellent aerial special effects.  

Hell Divers (1931)

Hell Divers (1931). Clark Gable takes off in his first starring role, based on a story by Frank Wead (They Were Expendable) and made with the full cooperation of the … Continue Reading →

The Flying Fleet (1929)

The Flying Fleet (1929). They’ve gone through four years at the U.S. Naval Academy, but the sea is not the calling for all Annapolis grads. Pals who call themselves the … Continue Reading →

Flight From Ashyia (1964)

Flight From Ashyia (1964). Stationed in Ashiya, Japan, U.S. Air Force Rescue Service members all carry personal demons stemming from a past event. When the orders come down to rescue … Continue Reading →

Dirigible (1931)

Dirigible (1931). A dirigible commander and Navy pilot fight over the glory associated with an expedition to the South Pole, and the love of a beautiful woman. After the dirigible … Continue Reading →